In 1996 Noag’s Market moved to 19 Pomona road, Kempton park. The site consisted of a main building, which is today known as the old building, and various small buildings and other businesses making up an extensive shopping complex.

As Noag’s Market grew the need for more floor space also grew, and in 2006 the idea to create a mirror image of the old building was hatched and construction started in 2007 with what today is known as the new building. The additional floor space has meant that, not only do we stock more products, but that we have been able to buy in bulk and ensuring the best possible price to customers.

Although this story is about how the buildings got their names, the essence is about how Noag’s Market as a company has innovated, refreshed, renewed, and evolved during the past 30 years. This is also not only about the new and exciting, but also about our foundation and the old. Our culture in business has always been and will always be our customers. Customer service is what makes us tick and why we get up in the morning. It is more than a nice slogan and easy words to write, its part of our business DNA and why our customers have stayed over years.

We cannot grow or keep our culture of customer service in tack without the constant interaction with our clients, suppliers and community and that is why we endeavor to keep the channels of communication, such as social media, phones or a traditional face-to-face coffee open. The old and new building does not only give us direction when looking for paint or hardware, but also gives us direction in planning the future.

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