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We have created this new platform to communicate with customers in a personal way. We are excited to share our new website and online shopping experience with you

NOAG’s Market was founded by the De Lange family in 1992. Initially operating from a small office, NOAG’s has rapidly expanded its client base through service excellence and have proven themselves as South Africa’s leading stockist in treated and untreated timber. NOAG’s specialises in supplying timber in the form of treated and untreated poles, SA pine planks and firewood.

Home improvement products include paint, wood, cement, hardware and building materials – anything you would need in and around the house. NOAG’s stocks over 32 000 product lines. As the biggest single stockist of CCA treated poles in South Africa, we can truly be called the wood specialists!

In 2015 we opened the now legendary coffee@NOAGS and in 2018 opened the premier deli and butchery, deli@NOAGS.

Register on our website and join our family and stay up to date with market leading building, DIY and timber products, and get notified of all our specials from the deli. We are excited to explore this new avenue with you.

If we can’t match it with “Prys” we will beat it with “vleis”.

MORE of the history of

We have always been known as the one stop shop for all your structural timber, treated and untreated, pine and saligna poles. We are still the largest independent retailer of structural timber in Gauteng, and probably in South Africa. We also stock a wide variety of wet off the saw pine, saligna scaffolding, pine post-and-rail, at market leading prices.

You will find all your decking, flooring and cladding needs satisfied at Noag’s Market. We have been market leaders in timber decking and cladding through innovation since 1992. Our reversible pine and saligna decking was first to market, and is still best priced quality product available. We have customers driving from all over Gauteng to get their winter supply of firewood from us. We do not only stock firewood for fireplaces, but our bushveld wood for your Saturday afternoon braai is legendary. Noag’s Market is the preferential supplier to many restaurants for wood for their pizza ovens. This is not only because of the unbeatable value for money, but also because of the guaranteed supply.

With all this in mind we have also committed to sustainable farming where our timber products are concerned. We source our pine and saligna from market leading sawmills such as Tekwani and Merensky.

Our aim when sourcing our building material is quality and sustainability. During the construction process taking any short cuts and risks on the material will only end in long term failure, and Noag’s Market has built a reputation of only supplying products in line with SABS specifications. We keep stock of the general range of building material such as sand, stone, cement, steel, wooden- aluminum- and steel windows. Our range of wooden doors is not only market leading in quality, but also in variety. We don’t only delivery material locally in the East Rand, but we have assisted in various large scale building projects in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Free State and in the North West province.

We realise that site management is critical, and that is why we proud ourselves on best in industry delivery times. Our customer’s success leads to our success, and that is why we have relationships with customers spanning 25 years.

The backbone to any development, building project or do-it-yourself undertaking must be quality hardware. We have developed our offering of hardware over the past two decades to suit not only our building community, but also our Saturday DIY warriors.

We offer multiply brands and levels of quality to ensure that our clients get the right product for their application. Well-known brands such as Stanely, Plascon, Dulux, Prominent, Bosch and many more are available at market leading prices.

Yes, price and product is very important in our current economic climate, but we have always put service and know how first. We are not just another building material and hardware warehouse where you battle to find what you are looking for. We have built lasting relationships with our clients and suppliers to ensure the right product finds its way to our shelves.

In January 2014 we identified the need for quality and truly South African food in our area..

With a vision, passion for food and home cooking experience we started to explore something other than building material and timber. With our founder, Jaco’s passion for nature and the love of traditional South African food, as also reflected in the two recipe books, (Wildsvleisgeregte & Kampvuurdisse 1 & 2) he co – authored with his mother, Leone De Lange, we used farm style cooking with a big city twist as base for our new endeavour.

We opened the doors of coffee@NOAG’s on the 1 of March 2014, with managers Stan and Alet Snyman sharing our vision, all our expectations were exceeded. Coffee@NOAG’s grew from a small customer base consisting mostly of builders, DIY enthusiasts and staff. Now we serve professionals looking for a quick morning coffee, housewife’s enjoying brunch with their friends and builders entertaining their customers to lunch, by only mentioning a few, while maintaining our farmhouse kitchen chic.

We are now well-known all-over Gauteng!

In 2018 another De Lange joined the group to expand into deli@NOAG’s and we further improved our quality of our food by preparing all our meat on site. (Visit the deli@NOAG’s next door for the best quality meat!)

coffee@NOAG’s – great food, excellent service, unbelievable prices.

In 2017 we started with farming@NOAG, selling animal food. From Lucerne, to horse food, all the way to man’s best friend. That is right grab your dogfood next time you visit Noag.In 2017 we started with farming@NOAG, selling animal food. From Lucerne, to horse food, all the way to man’s best friend. That is right grab your dogfood next time you visit Noag.

deli@NOAG started in September 2018, Andreas and Jaco de Lange being meat connoisseurs always had to drive to Pretoria to find meat that suits their quality requirements. Now the Pretoria customers drive all the way to Kempton Park to find the best meat money can buy.

deli@NOAG is unique, you visit us when you are looking for something out of the ordinary. When your local butcher or the big supermarket just don’t make the cut.

We are a Beefcor branded Butchery, all our A-grade beef comes exclusively from Beefcor, We don’t shop around for prices, we can’t afford to sacrifice consistency of quality over price. We don’t sell cheap meat, we sell the best of the best at a good price.

We are famous for our Geelvet Biltong, people come from far and wide to buy biltong, droëwors, cabanossi, kaiings, crackling, chili & bbq bites and much much more at our unique biltong counter. This has become a must stop shop for everyone traveling through O.R. Tambo. With our double chamber vacuum machine, your South African favorite snacks will be vacuumed in seconds ready for takeoff. For our local customers we offer a loyalty program where every 10th Purchase from our counter range is on us.

Next to our biltong counter you will find the first dry-age Fridge installed in the region. Customers can buy a meat block and age it in our dry age fridge. If you want to try dry-age visit us in store we cut and sell them on demand from as little as one slice. We also wrap them in old school brown butcher paper to ensure this meat receives our windpomp stamp of approval and never touched plastic.

We are not all about meat, You can also find dairy, deli products and even Fruit and Veg with us. Our eggs comes in Large, Jumbo & Double Yolk. (Sorry no medium eggs). We also have a wide range of convenient “heat and eat” meals which you can enjoy with a night off from the cooking duties. All our meals are made in our coffee@NOAG kitchen with onsite ingredients.

We pair our out of the ordinary meat products with unique gifts that that one can find in a padstal, but also some great gifts for him. For the ladies we have a wide range of leather bags, salt lamps, Meshuggah, sweets for grown ups and even the decorative zebra hide. We are the place if you need to buy that unique gift. Think of Noag when the next birthday comes up.

Right next to the best butchery in South Africa is braai@NOAG where you can find the three biggest and best South African braai brands. We host Weber, Megamaster & LK. We have got them all, portable braais, kettle braais, Built in Braais, boma braais, swing braais, flip braais, stainless steel braais, gas braais, braai inserts, braai accessories, pretty much anything related to BRAAI.

Yes we are obsessed. Yes we have a braai lit EVERYDAY at Noag, but we believe braais is to men as shoes are to woman, you have to wear them everyday and you can’t judge a man for having too much braais 😉

The latest braai/cooking trend seems to be smoking meat, which we surely enjoy as much as braai, we smoke meat at least twice a week, and you are always welcome to join the process and learn the craft. Speak to our pit boys about what we will smoke next and when. We have an extensive range of smokers and smoking chips, be sure to look around for your next favorite flavour.

Speak to someone in our sales team if you have any special requirements and we will assist you the best way we can.
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