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We have decided on the “Windpomp waarborg” as the windpomp is front and centre when you visit our shop in Pomona road, Kempton park. As with our windpomp, we will be front and centre, should you encounter any problems at Noag’s Market.

Customer service is in our DNA and culture and is the pillar on which we have built our reputation and business over the past 30 years. We are taking this same approach and level of service with pride online.

Our world is fast becoming an online experience and with this comes the dangerous of a faceless shopkeeper. Our goal is not to take the human element out of shopping, but to improve the overall shopping experience and build the trust relationship we have with our clients into the online world.

With the “Windpomp waarborg” we state that if you have any problems or are not 100% satisfied with our products and service at Noag’s Market we will be front and centre to assist you. We will not be moving to the cloud and we remain at our premises where we have been for almost 30 years.

We welcome NOAG EXPRESS to stand front and centre with the Noag’s Market family which includes coffee@NOAGS, deli@NOAGS and timber@NOAGS.

Contact us : 011 396 2300

Location : 19 Pomona Road, Kempton Park, 1923