Flash Harry Damp Dok First Aid Coat 5lt

Flash Harry Damp Dok First Aid Coat 5lt


DAMP DOCTOR FIRST AID COATING – Is a revolutionary coating, for the treatment of rising and
penetrating damp. Damp Doctor binds the surface, aids the adhesion of paint coatings and protects
against penetrating negative and positive water. FIRST AID COATING is a two part (liquid and powder)
system. Once cured it forms an elastomeric, cementitious membrane, that is impermeable to limited
negative and positive water pressure.
In areas where superficial damp has caused discoloration and paint peeling, FIRST AID COATING will
dramatically improve the adhesion of decorative coatings and plaster.
Wherever damp is present it is always good practice to eliminate the damp from its source as well as treat
the affected surface. For example a leaking shower cubicle causing damp in the adjacent room. FIRST AID
COATING should be used internally in the cubicle as well as on the affected wall. The same applies to
lateral damp on external walls.
DAMP DOCTOR – FIRST AID COATING is available in a 4.5kg kit.

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Application with block brush. Covers A 4.5kg pack = 2.5m2 – 3m2. Drying time of 36 hours before over coating. Non flammable.