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Brick Clay Stocks Per 1000 (+- 3 Ton Per 1000)


Clay bricks comes in a variety of types and come highly recommended having been used for hundreds of years for constructing new buildings or for extensions to existing structures. Clay stock bricks are known for their strength and reliability. They are generally selected where durability is required more than aesthetics.

Clay stock bricks are also known as non-face bricks, plaster bricks or common bricks. They come in two categories:

Non-facing plastered (NFP) – which is used for general work and must be plastered
Non-facing extra (NFX) – is used in general building work as well as in damp conditions or in building underground. There are 500 bricks per pallet.

Clay stock bricks will provide you with the following benefits:
Cost effective – Require little maintenance besides being plastered and painted. They can be left unplastered and unpainted as well.
Good noise insulators – clay stock bricks have the right density to provide an excellent form of insulation against noise whether the walls are built in a single layer or with a double layer.
Fire resistant- because clay bricks are manufactured by firing them at very high temperatures they are incombustible. Not recommended for Pizza Ovans.
Weather resistant – they are made to last through all type of climates.
Environmentally friendly – bricks are made from the earth using clay of course, with no chemicals and other harmful ingredients added. them and then using it as building filler or back fill.
– They carry a low carbon footprint and are fully recyclable.
Structural compatibility – clay bricks have the quality of compressive strength which allows you to use them to build single or multiple story buildings
The standard imperial size is 222mm long x 106mm wide x 73mm high with a mass of between 3.0kg and 3.5kg.