Work Tops Wood Land Fushion (32mm) 3.6m X 600mm

SKU: 1115072.

Work Tops Wood Land Fushion (32mm) 3.6m X 600mm


Formica® LifeSeal® Worktops are PG Bison’s post-form worktop solution, providing an unbeatable, low-maintenance, durable and dependable work surface that is easy to clean and hygienic too. With its closed surface, simply wiping it down with a damp cloth is enough to free it of stains and leave it hygienically clean as kitchens should be.

What is a Worktop used for?

Interior, horizontal, heavy-duty worktop application in domestic, office and building
industries. Primarily used for kitchen and laboratory worktops as well as office desk and
reception counters, vanities and table tops.


• Pre-finished decorative surface with good resistance to mechanical, chemical, heat
and environmental damage in domestic applications
• Closed melamine surface provides moisture resistance and makes it easy to clean,
stain resistant and hygienic
• LifeSeal wax strip gives added protection against moisture ingress at the point
where the HPL meets the backer
• Available in wide range of designs and two different radius profiles
• Low maintenance surface
• Ease of fabrication and installation with traditional woodworking tools
• Cut-outs, back and exposed edges must be sealed for longevity