Prominent Ultraprime White 5l

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Prominent Ultraprime White 5l


A high-performance, superior quality water based primer formulated for interior and exterior use.
Multi Surface Primer for most non porous substrates.

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1. Good adhesion
Very good adhesion to most surfaces, i.e. weathered galvanised iron, new galvanised iron, rusted steel, non-rusted steel, aluminium, ceramic wall tiles, formica/melamine, wood, cement plaster, rigged PVC.
2. Rust inhibitor
Prevents formation of rust.
3. Quick drying
4. Stain hiding
Prevents stains on surfaces from bleeding through.
5. Water based
6. Easy clean-up
Equipment is cleaned with water.
7. Excellent coverage
8. Low VOC
Reduces the odour associated with painting indoors.