Prominent Ultramatt White 5l

Prominent Ultramatt White 5l


A high-performance superior quality pure acrylic non-drip matt emulsion.
1. Final coat for interior walls and ceilings.
2. Suitable for application to correctly primed metal and wood surfaces or previously painted surfaces in sound condition.

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1. Excellent coverage
2. Aesthetically pleasing
3. Thixotropic gel
Easy to apply, non-drip (product can be stirred directly before use).
4. Water and steam resistant
5. Water based
Easy cleaning, low odour and quick drying.
6. Non-yellowing
Unlike alkyd based paints, whites remain white.
7. Low VOC
Reduces the odour associated with painting indoors.
8. Mar and scratch resistant
9. Resist staining
Easy to clean and remove dirt and grime.
10. Good adhesion
Can be applied to previously coated, sound surfaces.