Prominent Textured Cashmere 20l

Prominent Textured Cashmere 20l


A quality emulsion based flexible coating for exterior walls.
1. To protect exterior wall surfaces.
2. To obliterate hairline cracks in exterior cement plaster.
3. For application to cement plaster, unglazed bricks, breeze blocks and fibre cement.

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1. Water-based
Easy cleaning, low odour and quick drying.
2. UV resistant
Resists severe sunlight conditions – normal fading of colours can take place over time.
3. Low VOC
4. Tough and durable for long-term protection of exterior walls.
5. Excellent flexibility to keep hairline cracks obliterated, when applied at less than 5m²/l.
6. Good water resistance to prevent penetration of dampness on exterior walls.