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Prominent Select Wall & Ceiling 20l


Premium quality matt acrylic paint for walls and ceilings with a low odour, with excellent coverage for interior and exterior use.
1. Final coat for walls & ceilings.
2. Correctly prepared unglazed brick and cement plaster free of hairline cracks.
3. Sound previously painted surfaces walls and celings.
4. Correctly prepared gypsum plaster and fibre cement boards.





1. Water-based Easy to clean painter tools, low odour, non-toxic and quick drying.
2. Low splatter Easy mess-free application.
3. Smooth matt finish Excellent coverage and hiding properties.
4. Good washability Resists formation of shiny patches when cleaning.
5. Good adhesion Can be applied to previously coated, sound surfaces.
6. Good UV resistance properties.
7. Low VOC, reduces the odour associated with painting indoors.