Prominent Select Universal Undercoat 1l

Prominent Select Universal Undercoat 1l


An excellent quality alkyd based undercoat.
1. As base coat on interior/exterior primed metal, interior wood or hardboard.
2. For use as a basecoat over correctly primed surfaces followed by Gloss Enamel or Eggshell Enamel or PVA
3. Intermediate coat to improve adhesion between the primer and the topcoat or between an existing solvent based topcoat and a water based topcoat.

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1. Provides a smooth base for topcoats.
2. Easy brushing and levelling.
3. Excellent adhesion on properly primed or sealed surfaces.
4. Easily sanded for smoother finishes.
5. Excellent hiding ability to cover dark colours or yellow stain marks on ceilings