Prominent Rust Primer Red 20l

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Prominent Rust Primer Red 20l


An anti-corrosive metal primer based on an acrylic emulsion together with zinc phosphate as a corrosion inhibiting pigment.
1. Primer for preprared rusted metal surfaces.
2. Primer for prepares weathered galvanised iron.
3. Primer for new prepared steel or galvanised sheeting, oil free metal.

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1. Rust inhibitor
Prevents formation of rust and existing rust spreading.
2. Adhesion
Excellent adhesion to firm, clean rust and weathered galvanised iron.
3. Overcoating
Can be overcoated with Prominent Paints Universal Undercoat, Prominent Paints Gloss Enamel and emulsion paints with high resin content after 48 hours.
4. Water based
Easy to clean, easy to apply.