Prominent ETCH Primer Black 1l

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Prominent ETCH Primer Black 1l


A versatile Etch primer that can be applied by a variety of methods to most surfaces and provides a sound base
for most top coating systems.
1. As a post blast primer on all steelwork it provides immediate protection while drying rapidly enough not to pick
up debris from adjacent blasting operations.
2. As a first coat for rapid in-plant maintenance systems in corrosive environments where it is desired to apply 2 –
3 coats on the same day.
3. For universal repair and maintenance.
4. As a dip primer for awkward shapes, e.g. egg crate flooring.





1. Excellent adhesion to steel, galvanized iron, aluminium
2. Quick drying to dust-free stage.
3. Will stand careful handling after 30 – 60 minutes at 23ºC.
4. Can be coated with most finishes after 2 hours.
5. Reduces under creep of rust when used as the base of a high build system.
6. Heat resistant up to 80°C.