Prominent Damp Cure 20l

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Prominent Damp Cure 20l


A solvent based coating consisting of a blend of an organic acrylic resin and an inorganic cementitious binder providing the product with unique properties.
1. Primer for new cement and gypsum board.
2. Surface conditioner for chalky surfaces.
3. Cure for rising damp on interior walls when the source of moisture has been identified and rectified.
4. Primer onto bricks and cement plaster to prevent rain penetration.





1. Good adhesion to cement plaster and chalky painted surfaces.
2. Good barrier against rising damp when the source of moisture has been rectified and prevents penetrating rain.
3. Alkali resistant and can be applied directly onto fresh cement with moisture levels up to 40%.
4. Microporous to allow water vapour to escape from the surface.
5. Water resistant.
6. Can be recoated by any conventional decorative coating.
7. Can be left as a final coat, but will chalk over time.