Paver Masonique Grey Per Square 40 pavers per sq/m

Paver Masonique Grey Per Square 40 pavers per sq/m


Masonique® elegance

Warm, subtle, body-through colours including multi-blend options
A texture that blends naturally with the environment
Non-slippery when wet
Exciting and interesting shapes and designs can be created.
Masonique® precision

Strong and durable. Manufactured from quality materials
Light, easy to handle and install
No cement grouting needed
Fully reversible – easy to lift and relay.
Masonique® versatility

50mm thick: Driveways, walkways, pedestrian malls, patios, pathways and pool surrounds.

Length : 224mm
Width : 112mm
Thickness : 50mm.
Approximate Weight: 2.7kg per paver
Paver Per Meter Squared: 40 Blocks per m7

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Since its introduction to South Africa, Masonique® has earned an enviable reputation as a state-of-theart paver. The reasons are many, including its elegance, beauty and versatility. In addition, being bevelled on both sides, Masonique® allows for easy installation and maintenance. Because chipped or damaged pavers can be turned over and used, site wastage is significantly reduced.

Pictures are for colour purposes only,colours may differ from actual pavers.