Flash Harry Wonderfill 500ml

Flash Harry Wonderfill 500ml


WONDER-FILL is a ready mixed, easy to use multipurpose, interior and exterior, which dries to a tough
semi flexible, sand able and paintable surface with 101 uses around the home. WONDER-FILL is suitable
for repairing and filling gaps, cracks, holes and other blemishes on walls, floors, skirtings, ceilings, hollow
core doors, door and window frames. Wonder-fill is an acrylic based filler which has excellent adhesive
properties to almost all building substrates ( concrete, plaster, brick, paint, timber, masonite, plaster board
and metal) Because of its adhesive properties WONDER-FILL can successfully be used as a tile adhesive
for small repair work as well as replacing damaged window putty. WONDER-FILL is available in 25L, 5L,
1L and 300gram containers.

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Colour: Application: Coverage: Specific Gravity: Viscosity: Drying Time: Cleaning: Off white Trowel, scraper or putty knife. 1m2 /L (1mm film thickness) +/- 1.85 Thick paste like consistency Depends on film thickness Water