Flash Harry One Shot Terracotta 5lt

Flash Harry One Shot Terracotta 5lt


ONE SHOT acrylic waterproofing compound is a highly flexible liquid applied emulsion, that when reinforced with stitch bonded polyester, forms a homogeneous seamless waterproofing system. ONE SHOT in conjunction with stitch bonded polyester is suitable for; flashings, parapet walls, properly graded roof decks, lap joints, roofing screws and many other waterproofing details. ONE SHOT is not suitable for areas of long term ponding or under tiles.

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Application with brush, roller and spray. Coverage 2.2L per square meter to 2.5L. Depending on surface porosity. Has a drying time of (Between Coats) Minimum 30 minutes at 25ºC at 65% R.H.
(Last Coat) 2-3 hours before resistant to rain.
Full cure 12-20 hours at 25ºC at 65% R.H.
Water when wet. Ethyl acetate when dry. Non Flammability.