Flash Harry Hypercrete 1lt

Flash Harry Hypercrete 1lt


HYPERCRETE is a synthetic latex additive for cement and mortar mixtures. The addition of HYPERCRETE
confers numerous advantages over unmodified mixes such as; greatly improves adhesion to substrates,
greatly improves toughness and flexibility, improves resistance to water and water vapour, improves the
performance of mortars in thin layers. Improves chemical resistance and reduces dusting. Typical
applications of HYPERCRETE modified mixtures include: plaster cement and concrete repairs, water
resistant renderings for internal and external walls, screeds for bathrooms and showers, water resistant
additive for tile adhesives and grouts and as a bonding agent for acrylic toppings. HYPERCRETE is
available in 25L and 5 L containers

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Colour: Wet: White milky liquid. Dry: Translucent/clear
pH value: 10.5 – 11.0
Specific Gravity: +/- 1.0
Viscosity: 110 cps Units at 20ºC
Drying Time: 2 hours between coats
3 – 5 days for a full cure.
Storage: Protect from direct sunlight and frost. Store between +5 and 35o c
Cleaning: Water when wet. Ethyl acetate when dry.
Flammability:Non Flammable