Duram Nuglo Base Deep 5lt

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Duram Nuglo Base Deep 5lt


Duram NuGlo is a luxurious medium sheen enamel paint with a 12-year quality guarantee that dries to a tough yet beautiful smooth finish. Odourless, lead free and environmentally friendly, NuGlo has a low VOC compliance. This water-based smart paint is safe to use for the protection and decoration of trims, doors and windows on the interior or exterior of your home. NuGlo is washable non-yellowing and UV resistant, and is enhanced with polyurethane for extra strength and durability. Application couldn’t be easier with its non-drip, quick dry, gel formulation that offers excellent adhesion and obliteration.





Duram NuGlo
Luxurious Medium Sheen Enamel
• 12-year quality guarantee
• Polyurethane performance – ultimate toughness
• Odourless, quick drying and water clean up
• Non-yellowing and washable
• Low VOC, lead free and environment friendly
• Smooth, medium sheen finish
• Available in classic standard colours or can be tinted to over 800 colours
• Available in 1L, 5L & 20L