SKU: 1101040.

Ceiling Rhino board 1.2m x 2.7m 6mm


Siniat Plasterboard: Designed for internal walls, ceilings and partitions in residential and commercial buildings, is quick and easy to install, while still being durable, recyclable, aesthetic and of superior quality without the necessary drying time for alternate wet trade solutions.

• Siniat 6.4mm plasterboard has a harder core offering a
cleaner cut and therefore a cleaner working environment.
• The Siniat 6.4mm plasterboard has been formulated to
eliminate sagging.
• The Siniat 6.4mm plasterboard allows for better handling due
to a more rigid core recipe, reducing the risk of breaking on site.
• Siniat 6.4mm plasterboard can be curved to offer that unique
bulkhead shape.