Builders Tressel Lasher per Each

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Builders Tressel Lasher per Each


This heavy duty trestle is specially designed for the building contractor and the DIY home builder. It is both sturdy and robust. The height can be adjusted from 1300mm to 2230mm. The width of the resting arm is 900mm. It is used in pairs and with timber boards to walk and stand on.

Operating Instructions

Place each trestle at 1.5m intervals which allows the scaffold boards to be adequately supported. Then open each trestle up to the height required, ensure the locking pins are properly located.
Now place the scaffold boards on to the trestles, they should be supported at least every 1.5m. To obtain a safe working platform, use at least four scaffold boards laid side by side.
Ensure an overlap of between 50mm and 150mm over the two end trestles.
Never lean too far to one side to reach.
Do not stack materials or step onto any unsupported end of a board or staging.
Never do anything that involves applying a lot of side force. The trestle could topple over.
The maximum safe working load of a scaffold board is 150 KG evenly spaced. The total weight of the user and tools must not exceed this.
Never use steps, boxes etc. to gain extra height.
Always set up the equipment on a firm, level, and nonslip surface. On soft ground, stand the equipment on boards to stop it sinking in.
Have an able-bodied assistant to help lift the staging or boards into position.