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Bosveld braai Wood Medium packet +- 7kg – Firewood


For such a long time wood was always just wood and braai wood was always just braai wood, I’d never really thought about what kind of wood was good for different uses and more importantly I’d never considered what wood would be best for a braai.

In my young age, which I’m sure you’ve all also experienced, when we decided to braai it was always a spontaneous decision and no one really took the time to think about what wood we would use and how much we wood need.

It was always a rush as everyone was assigned a specific task in contributing to this spontaneous and fantastic decision. Besides that, we all know a braai is not just about the wood or the food, its about the experience and about getting the friends and loved ones together, or in my younger age – just an excuse to drink and jol with the manner.


1 Wood dryness/wetness
This is quite obvious but Wet wood is a no good for a braai, other than its inability to burn correctly it also creates way too much smoke.
Dry braai wood is best and will burn easier and you’ll be able to get a fire going with much less effort. The dryness of the wood is determined by the amount of time the wood has been drying for, the longer the better.Anything that has been drying for a full season or a year is enough for some lekker braai wood.
2 Wood density
You need hard wood to start a great fire. Hardness is determined by how dense the wood is. Gauging the weight of the wood is a good way to see if it is hard/dense wood. Less dense wood is alright to get the fire going initially but not great to braai on, unless you looking for a quick midweek braai.
3 Lumber Size
Try and use wood of the same size. This consistency will ensure they all burn at the same rate. The largest ones should come last and the smallest first.
4 Pack Size
This will obviously vary depending on how big your fire is and what type of wood you are using so I’m generalising with reference to decent hardwood.