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The first print of “Wildsvleisgeregte en Kampvuurdisse”, by Leone, hit the shelves in 1985 and what a success that was! At that stage it was the first of its kind. This Coffee Table Book almost became like the Bible in each farm kitchen. Hunters added it to their hunting gear on their way to the veld! Twenty thousand copies were sold in the first 2 years. After several requests Leone decided to create a more modern and user friendly book in 2008, to make your cooking quick and easy, not only in the kitchen but also around the camp fire. Mother and son joined forces to create this edition. Some help from friends who also love cooking, added to this excellent book. Once again there was cooking and tasting, hunting and grilling to perfect each and every recipe, and the end product in your hands, is the proof. This time the book is available in both Afrikaans and English.

– Hardcover
– Laminated pages
– Available in afrikaans or english
– 236 Recipes
– Tips for the correct shooting of game
– Tips relating to venison
– Cutting up, processing and use of a carcass
– Conversion table
– Metrication conversion table
– Hitting-power of popular calibers