Saligna Decking 20mmx120mm Per Meter

Saligna Decking 20mmx120mm Per Meter


Botanical name: Eucalyptus saligna Saligna originates in Australia and has been well established in New Zealand and Africa. In South Africa Eucalyptus Saligna decking is a locally grown timber with a pinkish red colour. It is of medium density and requires regular maintenance.
Saligna decking is a kiln dried. For your convenience we have grooved the deck planks on the one side to provide a non-slip surface. On the reverse side of each deck plank they have been planed and bull nosed to provide that traditional wooden decking look.

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This is especially practical around swimming pools and jacuzzis. Saligna is a moderately durable timber but has been used for timber decking for many decades. The timber is relatively inexpensive but will require fairly regular maintenance.