SKU: 3311001.

Pine Flooring 21x102mm P/M


A pine floor will be soft, so it will acquire dings, dents, scratches, and scuff marks easier than other harder flooring options. But just because the wood is soft doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for flooring. Over time, the floor will harden. Why? As you walk on the wood, the fibers compress upon themselves getting harder and harder. This is why so many pine floors have lasted in older houses. Please seal untreated timber on all 6 sides before installation, and again after installation on all reachable areas.

Nothing adds more warmth to a room than a beautiful wooden floor. SA Pine Tongue & Groove Flooring is the more economical way of achieving this. If the boards are installed, sanded and varnished properly it makes a beautiful wooden floor at a fraction of the cost of other hardwood products.

Our flooring has bevelled edges at the bottom and makes a beautiful ceiling when applying it as a loft in double volume rooms.

Tongue & Groove flooring can also be used as interior cladding or shelving.