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Cold Tar 25kg (Asphalt Mix)


Cold Tar / Cold Asphalt for Road Construction or Road
Cold Tar is also known as Cold Mix Tar, Ready Mix Cold Tar, Cold Mix Asphalt or
Ready Mix Cold Asphalt

· Cold Asphalt stick to metal and composite materials, so remember to keep your compactor plate wet
with water.

· Cold Asphalt does not react well to diesel, so do not use diesel on your equipment or near the

· Cold Asphalt will stick to your shoes whilst working /walking on it, so simply wet the soles of your
shoes to avoid material pick up, during the compaction stage.

· Have all your equipment prepared and ready, fully fueled and serviceable to avoid unnecessary

· Should you be working with the material and it gets wet or rains, this should not affect the outcome –
simply carry on compacting the material which will displace any water present.

· Cold Asphalt cures through exposure to the air and constant compaction and the more used the better
and faster it will fully cure, to match that of the existing road surface.

· Turning on the same spot whilst not in motion is not recommended until the material fully cures,
however after proper compaction, traffic will not pick up or rut the material.

· Surfacing needs to be a maximum of 30mm, but if the occasion arises where Cold Asphalt is laid
thicker than this, the material must be LAYER compacted in 30mm layers.

· Should subsidence occur, the hole can be topped up and re-compacted, however the reason for the
failure could be in the base structures if the area is constantly failing.

· Application in very hot conditions – apply a very light dusting over the completed area, using crusher
run or similar sand material. This absorbs any excess material binder and assist in faster curing

· Keep unused material in a tightly closed or resealed bag for a maximum of 3 months. Always take
special care when working on roads, which require the correct road safety signage and road closure