Timber Sap CCA Treated Cladding 96mm X 22mm Per Meter

Timber Sap CCA Treated Cladding 96mm X 22mm Per Meter


Cladding is treated according to H3 treatment class.
All treated our timber adhere to SABS rules and regulations of SABS 457-2, SABS 457-3, SABS 673.

Additionally, our CCA Treated Timber Cladding adhere to the NRCS rules, regulations and guidelines for treatment.

This means that they are suitable for External use, above ground. Perfect for creating a unique and personal touch to any exterior wall.

Please seal all CCA and untreated timber on all 6 sides before installation, and again after installation on all reachable areas.

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Timber is a warm, natural material that can be easily rejuvenated or decorated as time goes on. This is a massive advantage as the material does not limit you in color and finish.
Timber is a renewable source. Additionally, it can also be recycled after using it for your exterior cladding.
Timber Cladding is strong yet lightweight. This has some major advantages for construction purposes.
CCA Treated Cladding is not only a decorative element but also offers a protective barrier around the support structures of your home/building.
Wide choice of finishes is available due to the wide variety of woods that can be used to create cladding. This includes hardwoods and softwoods. All have different densities, grains, and weights.
Easy to repair