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100 grams Crackly’s biltong powder.


Crackly’s Biltong powder is ideal for mixing with cream cheese or sour cream. Perfect for a quick snack or lunch.

Weight 0.100 kg


Ingredients: Beef, Acidifier (E330), Caramel, Cereal (Maize), Dextrose, Flavour Enhancer, Flavouring, Food colour, Moasses, MSG, Salt, Spice extracts, Spices and herbs, Spirit Vinegar, Thickener, Antioxidants, Cayenne Pepper, Dehydrated, vegetable (Onion), Parika, Vegetable Oil, Cloves, Dextrose, Flavouring (eggs), Preservative (Sulphur dioxide) (Sodium benzoate) (Sodium suiphite), Sucrose, Black pepper, Anti-caking agent, Celery, Cereal (Wheat gluten, Maize), Colourants, Coriander, Emulsifiers, Garlic, Herbs, Maltodextrin, Modified starch.

Allergens: Wheat gluten, Soya bean, Milk and eggs, Potassium sorbate.
Warning: May contain traces of nuts.

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